Case Studies

Client A

One of our very first clients. We at PRYSM noticed that this business was being inactive on their social media pages, despite their large following.

The results of working with us were clear to see after just days and the increased performance has continued ever since…

Client B

After finding PRYSM online, this client contacted us to help with the maintenance of their social media pages in an attempt to increase their book sales.

This happened in due course and the working relationship remains strong between us…

Client C

Over 100% in growth of the number of Facebook followers speaks volumes. This client sees regular messages come in on their social media platforms enquiring about their services and an increase in business as a result.

Not a week goes by where the number of people seeing each post is in the thousands…

Client D

Going from no activity on Facebook to their already large following wasn’t doing this company any favours.

Since an average of just under 1,000 people see each post, the enquiries have come rolling in for their top level home and commercial service.

Client E

This client didn’t have any social media platforms at all and in quite a niche market, sometimes the numbers are hard to come by.

However, over 100 new followers has moved their exposure from zero to maximised, with it costing them a mere 0.3 pence every view!